Rainbow Creative Therapy

I am a qualified and experienced counsellor accredited by the BACP and registered as an Ind. Psychotherapist by
the UKRCP, offering a safe and confidential counselling service in North London.

Specialising in a Systemic, Person-Centred Approach and Therapeutic Play Skills, I provide effective strategies and interventions to support and help children and their families who have psychological, behavioural and emotional needs to manage their relationships and situations more effectively. Throughout my career I have worked as a school counsellor as well as a systemic therapist in both private and public work.

I provide a therapy service to children adolescents and young adults using integrative modalities that include Systemic practice, play therapy and creative arts therapies to adults’ adolescents and children. In my work in the Mental Health profession, I developed an interest in the use of play and role – play as part of my therapeutic tool kit. The tool kit consists of clay, sand, puppets music art materials and therapeutic story. This then helps the children to demonstrate what is happening in their lives at their own pace and according to their own level. These activities are child-led, making the time spent with the child happy and purposeful. This breadth of therapy provision has a certain dynamic that I thrive on and I also believe it is the variety of this workflow of working with adults and children that most interests me. I offer parental and family support where appropriate. I work within the ethical framework guidelines of BACP and PTUK

Why Choose Me

Efficient & Effective

I am a strong organiser, capable of prioritising and delivering to a high level of clinical and professional standards. I can balance conflicting demands whilst maintaining client confidentially to build long term sustainable outcomes.

Empathy & Care

Establishing a safe and trusting therapeutic relationship with clients allowing them to overcome their challenges and get their life back on track.

Fully Qualified

P.G. Dip with Distinction in Play Therapy
PGC Therapeutic Play Skills
P.G. Dip. Child Focused Practice
Cert. Systemic Practice
Adv Dip. Therapeutic Counselling

What My Clients Say?

Feelings after the session although it can sometimes be challenging I feel calm content and true inner joy. You help me to tap into my inner strength to learn to feel fulfilled in the roles that I am duty-bound to live with
I value and appreciate your professional support, compassion and understanding towards me and I know I would not have been able to manage and embrace my challenges without your constant support and shoulder to lean on
It's been a year that you have helped me learn to grow to acknowledge and be aware of myself my surroundings and circumstances. No words will ever be enough for the awareness of peace happiness that you have helped me gain
My child has improved with her self care and is more responsible with her school work. Her academic level is higher and she is more confident
My child always looked forward to the play therapy session and would come back after the session feeling happier
When I first entered the consulting room I felt alone lost empty and had no hope. You have helped me get in touch and tap into myself and gave me the confidence and self-worth to live my life to the fullest.


My Therapy Rooms


Creative visualisation is the conscious use of the creative imagination applied actively in our day to day lives for the purpose of attaining goals, overcoming obstacles, increasing self-awareness, and enhancing the overall quality of our lives.

Children have both a natural need and an ability for creative imaginative play that makes the consciously applied use of imagery almost effortless to them. Creative visualisation can help us show our children how to nurture and cherish their own inner child.


Mobile: 07792554368

Email: taubmalka60@gmail.com

Certified Play Therapist